Watch: Chinese Cadets Channel Their Inner Glee In Cute Dance

What do you think of when you think of the military? Pomp? Austerity? Solemnity?

Or, just maybe, Swedish pop band A*Teens’s dippy pop hit “Bouncing Off the Ceiling”?

Cadets at Huaqiao University in Xiamen, Fujian province are out to change some impressions, it seems. They recently broke out a mass dance while in formation, turning a military inspection into a musical moment, and the video’s since gone viral on Chinese Internet — 336,000 views in just the last day.

Eric Fish of Sinostand recently wrote about military training at Chinese academies, junxun, how it is a “microcosm of how Chinese youth today both embrace and subconsciously resist the carrots and sticks that the Communist Party uses to keep their support.” This video shows… another side of it.

    One Response to “Watch: Chinese Cadets Channel Their Inner Glee In Cute Dance”

    1. benji

      Oh no – The magnificent East is Red troupe has degenerated into (the much detested) K PopTwerkers !!! The great helmsman must now be doing 360 degree in his crystal coffin.


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