Grenade Training With Female Chinese Soldier Nearly Goes Horribly Wrong

Okay guys, shelve the jokes. Who among us has handled live explosives and knows the special feeling of a shrapnel-packed weapon ticking down to our doom? Adrenaline gushing through the veins of our throwing arm, would our toss be guaranteed a certain distance, the ideal trajectory, so that the projectile — shrapnel-packed, explosive — doesn’t bounce back at our feet, as it does here, in this video, to the poor female recruit and her two companions?

In Mengzi county, Yunnan province, here’s a training session that nearly goes completely FUBAR. The quick-thinking instructor, probably acting on instinct, pushes the female recruit into a protective trench when the grenade ricochets back at them. The other man, a commander, relatively calmly hits the deck as well and waits for the grenade to burst into pieces — harmlessly, thank goodness.

It’s understood that the grenade was of the 82-1 variety, with a kill radius exceeding six meters. The training ground is designed on a slope precisely because some forward-thinking engineer imagined just this scenario: the greenhorn who hasn’t yet mastered the art of lobbing time bombs away from the body. And let’s not forget: this has happened to the Chinese army before.

So. Who’s ready for some war, yeah?

    2 Responses to “Grenade Training With Female Chinese Soldier Nearly Goes Horribly Wrong”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      A whole new appreciation of the phrase “throws like a girl”. And yes, I’ve lobbed a few frags before in my day…

    2. Gar Jives

      I’m more concerned by the fact that there appears to have been forward planning… Never seen that before over here


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