Drunken Man Shocked To Find Passersby Return The 10,000 Yuan He Threw Away

Good Guy Greg finds 10000 rmb on the ground
We’ve seen people behaving poorly upon finding wads of cash floating in the wind. This is the obverse of that type of story. In Shanghai on Saturday morning, a drunken man threw 10,000 yuan ($1,608) into the air at the intersection of Gonghexin and Baode roads, according to Shanghai Daily, reason unknown (repeat: he was drunk).... Read more »

Shanghai Locals Dump Water On Rowdy Foreign Bargoers On Yongkang Road

Water thrown on Shanghai partiers
The trivial and madcap escapades of drunken expats rarely rise to the level of serious news, the kind that might be featured on, oh, the Telegraph. But recently, a standoff between locals in Shanghai and foreign revelers on the popular bar street Yongkang Road escalated to such heights that the Telegraph's Tom Phillips reported on it in an article headlined, "Shanghai residents declare war on drunken expats."

The Farmer Responsible For Dumping 6,601 (And Counting) Swine Carcasses Into Shanghai River Has Been Detained

Pig asks WTF
Seriously, now: forget the jokes, forget about water safety concerns, forget everything until this question is answered: what possibly could have gone through the mind of the homicidal pig farmer who dumped more than 6,000 pigs into the Huangpu River? Did a pig farm explode? Does circovirus cause pigs to go mad and jump in... Read more »

900 Dead Pigs Found In Shanghai Waterway [UPDATE: Swine Count Now In The Thousands]

Dead pigs in Shanghai 2
People in Shanghai never stop complaining about Beijing, and with sandstorms sweeping into the capital, the people in this country's Second City have been growing quite smug about their marginally healthier air. Well, now… Shanghai isn't exactly environmentally pristine. This weekend, more than 900 dead pigs were found added to the aquatic ecosystem in the Songjiang section of Huangpu River.

“Donnie Does” The Shanghai Sharks, And Gilbert Arenas Approves. (Stephon Marbury Does Not)

Donnie Does Shanghai Gilbert Arenas featured image
What does Gilbert Arenas, three-time NBA All-Star, do before CBA games in Shanghai? Watch YouTube, of course. We know this thanks to Donald Mahoney of the video series Donnie Does. "I watched you on YouTube before I got here," Arenas tells Donnie in the tunnel before a Sharks home game. "You're funny as shit." "How you liking Shanghai?" "It's fun." "Let's grab a beer sometime."

Your First Look At “No Pants Subway Ride” Shanghai 2013

No Pants Subway Ride Shanghai
No Pants Subway Ride, the annual event launched in 2002 by New York City-based Improv Everywhere, has spread to more than 60 cities, in which subway commuters strip off their pants on January 13 just because. Thousands participated this year in New York, hundreds in Mexico City, and, um, maybe a dozen or so in Shanghai?... Read more »

Comparing New Year’s In Beijing, Shanghai And Hong Kong: Who Wins?

New Year's Light Millennium Monument
Hong Kong had fireworks at Victoria Harbor. Shanghai had a 4D light show on the Bund. Beijing had a beam of light out of the China Millennium Monument (a sundial you probably haven’t been to, because Haidian district). We love our home city, but am also kind of okay admitting that Beijing loses this round (though... Read more »

Shanghai, This Is You At This Year’s MIDI Electronic Music Festival

Shanghai Midi electronic featured image
Navator and the creative agency NeochaEDGE recently released a video from this year’s MIDI Electronic Music Festival in Shanghai, specifically from October 27 at Pudong Lujiazui. These people are what one would call “cool.” UPDATE, 11:58 pm: Major props are also due for The Freshest Kids in China, which shot and edited the video. The... Read more »