Comparing New Year’s In Beijing, Shanghai And Hong Kong: Who Wins?

Hong Kong had fireworks at Victoria Harbor. Shanghai had a 4D light show on the Bund. Beijing had a beam of light out of the China Millennium Monument (a sundial you probably haven’t been to, because Haidian district).

We love our home city, but am also kind of okay admitting that Beijing loses this round (though these photos are pretty cool). Shanghai vs. Hong Kong – who takes it?

Videos below (links are to Youku/ version of videos):


Hong Kong:


    2 Responses to “Comparing New Year’s In Beijing, Shanghai And Hong Kong: Who Wins?”

    1. P.

      Hong Kong takes it for the skyline alone.

      While my loyalties rest with Beijing, that Millennium Monument thing looks like something out a horror flick—like some kind of pulsating contraption that’s readying itself to open a door to a paranormal dimension or something. Unless it’s a viral marketing campaign for Ghostbusters 3, then it kinda falls flat.

    2. Kjersten

      Fireworks? Light shows? Monuments?! Can I nominate Yongzhou for China’s *worst* New Year’s Eve celebration? I’ve heard more fireworks go off on a random Monday evening than did the entirety of last night.


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