A Nearly Perfect Snapshot Of Urban China, And A Fine Introduction To This Site

Picture by Chelsea Eakin

This picture sings. It’s an aria, a fucking one at that — understated, true – O mio armonia, mi chiamano Pekin. Take note of the slightly overweight yet undersized dog in a pink sweater. The nearly-old man wearing multiple layers of pants and a cigarette held just that way. Notice the plastic bag of baozi tied in a knot on the ledge.

If you don’t understand why this is so goodconsider it your first lesson at Beijing Cream.

We are a site that aims to express China. Who knows how we’ll accomplish this — it’s impossible to say in the same way it’s impossible to sum up China in one sentence (though here’s my six-word phrase of choice: “China: home to shitloads of people”) — but then again, the most interesting part about living in Beijing certainly doesn’t lie in talking about it.

So here’s the deal, a more concrete game plan, if you will: we’re going to aim to entertain, with China being our topic of choice. If you happen to find yourself educated in the process, call us literature. If you like what we do, you can buy us a beer, or give us a +1 if you’re not in the area. We’re going to post about and for both those who were born here and those unfortunate souls sired outside this center of the world. Who are we? Just part of the salmagundi, striving like the local bao’an and fuwuyuan (security guard / server)… with the rest of ‘em. By goodness we’re gonna have fun, and hope you will as well.

    2 Responses to “A Nearly Perfect Snapshot Of Urban China, And A Fine Introduction To This Site”

    1. Teacher Joe

      I finally left China after ten looooong, uh, I mean wonderful years. Glad to know I can still have a taste of Beijing once in a while, my daily dollop of Jingitude. Good work!


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