Introducing: That Asshole Drake Moreau

Consider this your introduction to a weekly series in which our resident asshole, Drake Moreau, wades into Beijing’s seedy districts (because he’s an asshole) and writes about them like the asshole he is. Just to give you an example of the type of twat we’re dealing with, here’s the g-chat conversation in which I asked him to write this column.

Edited slightly for clarity

me: have you ever wanted to get published on a website?

Drake Moreau: why?

r u starting one?

me: i have one

it’s in soft launch

i’d like some people to write a column called “Look At This Asshole”

Drake Moreau: i definitley want to

me: can you send me something? a recap of your night out, exactly what liquors you bought or consumed or had bought for you, the chicks you scoped out, and a fight with a cab driver to end the night

something like that

Drake Moreau: yeah

im curious, how do you know about that cab driver fight?

me: uh

i was just throwing out a hypothetical


His first column will run next Thursday at this time. Enjoy. He’s a real piece of shit.

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