The Kind Of Amusing Emails Lawyers In Beijing Are Liable To Receive

h/t Kirby

In a country where people are generally quite conscious of the wellness of mind and body, it doesn’t surprise me that a company would spam its employees asking them to sign up for a yoga class sponsored by the firm. What is sort of surprising — only a little, perhaps — is that the above picture would be pasted into the body of an email sent to everyone on the server — at least 600 people — with a reminder for the men in the office to participate in a men’s-only yoga class that evening. I should mention the company is a big multinational law firm near Guomao. Look, I’m all for yoga, my mom does it, but I suspect scant few red-blooded men looked at the above and thought, “Hmm, what a relaxing exercise for my mind and body.”

They all masturbated that evening.

Here are more yoga-related pictures sent via different emails from the same company.

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