Eat Your Hearts Out, Other Trucks Of The World

H/T Alicia

Ram Trucks may puff out its chest and boast about its reinforced steel gauges and heavy-duty axles that supposedly give its 1500 Tradesman Heavy Duty the best payload and towing in class, but have any Ram Truck drivers stacked three in one? Reports Global Times (with an assist to

Cargo firm boss Sun Lin was trying to save money on drivers and toll fees in Lai’an county, Anhui Province. So he had them loaded piggy-back style one on top of the other and then tried to maneuver the moving traffic pile more than 161 kilometers to his trucking yard.

And what happens? He gets fined 5,000 yuan. The braggadocio of Sun reminds me of someone though. Characters. Who could they be…

Ah, yes — the answer provided by Robert Crumb in Issue 1 of Zap Comix. Keep on truckin’ indeed.

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