Introducing: Evan Chen’s Bit Of Madness, Sanity, Madness

Warning & Credit … Do not try this at home!!! … Being a crazy Chinese kid … And don’t know what he doing … Then imagine have a Godzilla in your backyard … Chasing you and your friends!!! … And I mean REALLY?!?! …

Like great art, Evan Chen’s videos not only defy description but transcend the need for it. They can be best described in terms of what they are not: most assuredly not, as one commenter on the above video believes, “shit”; not rational like one of our selfsame narratives, whether peddled by politicians or our commercial artists; not coherent, not boring, and not like anything you’ve seen. Chen himself is not, as some have posted in this video’s forum, a man who needs to ground himself in the lies and banalities the rest of us must perpetuate. (After all, who can account for the world’s parturition? Can stardust alone, with the gravity of its poetic implication, anchor us with the weight of science’s creation myth and make sense out of the fleeting moments precipitating death?) Yet he is not clueless; watch this, in which he highlights some of the baser comments posted against his art. A lesser critic would accuse Evan Chen of being a troll, but he is not that, as this bizarre, brilliantly edited video — featuring American football, a bench press, cheerleaders’ voices, and something else — clearly illustrates.

What Evan Chen is is a person just ahead of our times, a product of Suburbia, USA, a Chinese in America. Do not forget his name. I embrace the ghost of Cassandra in warning you now: someday it’ll be impossible to forget.

Youku video for those in China after the jump.

    One Response to “Introducing: Evan Chen’s Bit Of Madness, Sanity, Madness”

    1. The Tao

      As a fellow child of Suburbia, USA, it seems possible to know the circumstances which produced Evan Chen’s bursts of brilliance.

      Boredom, thy name is.


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