Marbury Says Fan Who Accused Him Of Punching, Kicking Him Has ‘Wild Imagination’

Tudou video for those in China after the jump.

At the 53-second mark in the above video, the Shanxi fan who accuses Stephon Marbury of punching him in the head and then kicking him after Sunday night’s game tells the journalist:

Because there were too many (Shanxi) fans, too crowded, when Marbury came out, the fans were careless so they squeezed around him. He (Marbury) had a water bottle in his hand and hit me square in the head, knocked me to the ground and kicked me in the face.

He then plays to the crowd by shouting, “Everybody look!” As he shows his muddied hoodie, the fans off-screen begin chirping, “Footprint! Footprint! Footprint! Footprint!”

Marbury responds at the 1:23 mark:

He got a wild imagination. His imagination is not correct. He made that up. He made that story up. That never happened. I have no reason to punch anybody, especially a fan. I would never punch a fan in the face. That doesn’t make any sense. But I think he’s lying.

The next person who’s interviewed is CBA office director Zhang Xiong:

It’s such a shame that something like this happened. We will report this situation as is to the CBA and reflect. I believe the organization will make a ruling according to the rules and handle what happened at the court today.

One detail to add to our last post: the pictures of that medical report showing the fan’s injuries were first posted onto the Shanxi team’s Weibo account.

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