Watch Two Hong Kong Chicks Fight Over A Guy video for those in China after the jump.

So the one on the left, standing, says, “Slap those mainland bitches who come to Hong Kong to give birth! And I don’t mean with fines…” The one on the right, sitting, goes, “We can’t be like them — now we’re arresting birthing agents. What is this, China?” And the first one’s like, “I’m talking about mothers,” to which the other responds, “You calling me fat?,” prompting, “You’re way too ugly to be a mother,” and finally, “Well you’re a locust!” And then the one on the left throws some liquid at the one at the right…

Real translation (thanks to Alicia) after the jump.

Girl on left, standing: I’m asking you, Who is she? Who is she? Answer me. Who is she?

Girl on right, sitting: What’s going on?

Left: It’s none of your business, shut up. We broke up because of her? What is so good about her? Is she pretty? Does she have a body? Dressed like she is, can you take her out to meet your friends? Answer me. Why aren’t you answering me? How am I not comparable to her? Huh? And now because of her you’re breaking up with me? There were some things you didn’t like about me so I changed. You didn’t like me smoking so I quit smoking. You didn’t like me wearing [incomprehensible] so I stopped wearing it. You didn’t like me talking to guys so I deleted all their phone numbers. Now I don’t have any male friends. Are you happy? Are you satisfied? And now because of her you’re breaking up with me? Are you sick or not sick?

Right: Hey Miss. The person who’s sick seems to be you. Why are you yelling at us out of the blue?

Left: It’s none of your business.

Right: How is it none of my business?

Left: He is my boyfriend, not your boyfriend.

Right: He is my boyfriend.

Together, Left: [incomprehensible]. Right: You are only the ex. 

Right: What are you doing, joking? Who has sacrificed the most? Is it that Eric will choose whoever’s sacrificed the most? I have sacrificed a lot for Eric too. When he was sick I took care of him. Where were you? It was me who was by his side the whole time.

Left: I’m telling you, it was when I working that you took this opportunity to steal him away from me. He is my boyfriend.

Right: He is my boyfriend, you are only an ex. Do you know what it means to visit? VISIT? He… he… he… It was always me by his side, did you know that?

Left: You fucking bitch. I’ll tell you this: do you know what you look like? Go back and look at yourself. Look at the mirror.

Right: Do you understand Chinese? Do you know what it means to visit someone? If you don’t understand, then fuck off.

Left: The person who should fuck off is you.

Guy: Stop arguing both of you. [To standing girl] Go home first.

Left [to guy]: You’re telling me to go home? Because of her, you’re telling me to go home? It’s okay, I’ll turn a blind eye, I’ll turn a blind eye. Let’s see how long you do well for.

Guy: Hey!

Right: Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp

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