“China’s Messi”? Watch This 12-Year-Old Soccer Prodigy

56.com video for those in China after the jump.

Li Ming, a 12-year-old who plays on Qingdao’s Chengyang Experimental No. 2 Primary School, captured Chinese soccer fans’ attention recently with his ball-handling, passing, set-piece kicks, and lob shots over goalies’ heads. All the above can be seen the in embedded video, a game vs. Qingdao Quartet Experimental Primary School in the finals of the “Mayor’s Cup” tournament.

Li, who the commentators in the video refer to as “No. 10″ — which just happens to be Lionel Messi’s number — propelled his team to a 5-2 win. By propelled I mean did everything, scoring four goals (a penalty, a strike, a header, and a chip shot) and assisting on the other. Quite the performance, even if he has a way to go before meriting comparisons to this man. [UPDATE, 6/5: A long way.] If young Li survives China’s sports system, maybe he’ll just become the soccer star this country so desperately seeks.

3 Responses to ““China’s Messi”? Watch This 12-Year-Old Soccer Prodigy”

  1. Gino Capaletti

    A 3 year old handicapped kid from England could probably do the same thing playing against Chinese competition. China is the most unathletic country in the world.


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