BON TV Also Reports On China Ultimate Frisbee

Just when you thought the media coverage would stop, Blue Ocean Network steps up.

This six-minute news feature on Ultimate Frisbee, centered around last month’s Beijing-hosted China Nationals tournament, is one of the better segments on the sport I’ve seen anywhere (kudos to Howard Pan, who listened closely to tournament director Alicia). For an additional 38 seconds of bonus footage, click here. (This longer video is embedded after the jump on Tudou, for those in China.)

    2 Responses to “BON TV Also Reports On China Ultimate Frisbee”

    1. adam

      Once again BON proves why they are a big fucking joke. So long as China rests its soft power pushes on bullshit like media outlets like this its going to lead to nothing but wasted cash and giving false hope to talentless faux journalists/tv hosts.

      When BON first started off they twice tried to poach me to work as a producer for them as I was already doing that for another news organization. The first time I agreed to an interview and I came in and they didn’t have a fucking clue what was going on. They forgot they called me up to talk about being a producer and then we’re like “nah we don’t need producers, what we want are tv hosts.” I’d respond “I have zero interest in doing that.” Ok, “Well how about hosting a game show?” “Like I said, 0 interest in hosting a show.” “What is your favorite game show? What do you think of CNN?”

      The best thing they did was in 6 months they fucking call me again and tell me they finally have an opening as a producer. Then when I show up again its “Well we lied, we really don’t want you to be a producer – we really want you to be on camera – its difficult to find a foreigner as tall as you are who is white who will be a presenter.” Fucking idiots.

    2. adam

      P.S. I love their critical thinking skills (400 athletes in all of China = huge sport – nevermind that most players shown are speaking English and not Chinese). 400 out of the 100k expats in Beijing is insignificant, what do you think 400 out of 1 billion plus is? Half-assed, low quality, bullshit, soft power attempt news


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