Bus Driver Hit With Unidentified Debris, Continues Doing Job [Warning: Graphic Footage]

A bus was driving down a Hangzhou highway around 11:40 am on May 29 when a piece of metal flew through the windshield. Some on Weibo are speculating that it came from space, though others have reported that it came from a truck. Driver Wu Bin, 49, heroically continued steering the bus despite a shard implanting itself in his abdomen. When he pulled over, he got up and informed the 24 passengers onboard to be careful when exiting because they were still on the highway, according to the above video from 6.cn. He died of his injuries two days later, around June 1 at midnight.

UPDATE, 10:47 am: Global Times reports: “The Hangzhou city government gave Wu an honorary title of ‘hero’ Saturday, and Wu’s family was given an apartment and a bonus of 300,000 yuan ($47,103) as an award from the transport group yesterday.”

(H/T Alicia, Sascha M.)

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    1. jtdj

      I think you might have embedded the wrong video by mistake. This is about some vice mayor taking his kid to school on a bike.


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