Here’s What 5,000 Ducks Crossing The Road Looks Like On Video

Part 1, which is shorter, is here.

Remember Alicia’s duck story last week? It eventually made its way to a whole lot of news outlets, which is curious, because just today I realized there’s a video of “5,000 ducks” in China from April 2009. Strange how the news cycle works, right? And it’s interesting how a story can remain obscure for so long just because it happened in a rural part of the country. To summarize what we think happened: China Foto Press, tipped off by whatever, published photos, which Beijing News picked up, which we blogged, and not long afterwards, Reuters, Daily Mail, Huff Post, ITN News, et al. were all telling us about this spectacle, first uploaded by YouTube user petuntsestone three years ago. (I don’t mean to imply all those Western outlets got the story from us, mind you; I’m just proceeding chronologically.) I’ve put the above video on Youku for those in China after the jump. The ducks, as you’ll see, are much swifter than you might expect, but about as annoying.

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