Monkey Messes With Monk On Mt. Emei

Update after jump.

The monkeys on Mt. Emei near Chengdu are famous for their gregariousness. Never mind that behind those big, watery eyes is a scheming brain that tells its swift, prying fingers to reach into your pocket, grab that phone and chuck it off the ledge and into the river when it realizes it’s not food (I do believe tourists are warned specifically to guard against this). The monkeys on Mt. Emei are gregarious, and they want your attention, damnit! Or food. Food is acceptable, too.

This monk, who just wants to do his thing, does not have food. And this doyen of monkeys makes sure to let him know what happens to bipeds that don’t tithe. Original, unedited Youku video for those in China after the jump.

UPDATE, 6/21, 12:49 am: Got some more information via May Daily: the monk’s name is Master Yan Can, and he seems to have taken this bit of monkey business quite well.

The humorous master later ridiculed himself on his microlog, saying “You mistook me for your master. I’m not Tang Sanzang.”

He was referring to the famous Chinese epic novel, Journey to the West, where the Monkey King is the protagonist, and accompanied the Buddhist monk Tang Sanzang on a legendary pilgrimage to India.

He jokingly added, “It was my rare chance to be on TV, but you came to destroy it.”

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