Inspired By Victoria’s Secret And Lady Gaga, Modeling Contestants Own The Catwalk In Hubei

On Sunday, the finals of the New Silk Road China Model Contest in Hubei included a fashion show that combined Chinese and Western elements, with contestants dressed in qipao and as Barbie dolls, Victoria’s Secret models and Lady Gaga. We could tell you that the T Group part of the competition was won by Hu Shiqi (we cannot, however, tell you what that means), or that the contest has been happening since 2009, but… would you care? You just want more photos, don’t you?

We can do that, too. After the jump, more images from We’ve also embedded a couple videos for you. (H/T Alicia)

If you’re looking for even more photos of the contestants, check out the official New Silk Road China Model Contest website. Feel free to add all of them to your QQ Weibo, too (who uses QQ Weibo?).

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