This Bolt Of Lightning Is The Work Of Gods

Thunderstorms have been wrecking havoc in Taiwan recently, causing floods, crippling transportation, and opening portals for the return of Loki. Lucky for us, the lightning-thrower dude is on our side.

Just don’t perch a camera too close to his bolts.

This happened recently at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. There’s a CCTV-4 video via for those in China after the jump. 

(H/T Alicia)

    3 Responses to “This Bolt Of Lightning Is The Work Of Gods”

    1. Torval Lokison

      Oh Tao, when will you read the Eddas? Thunder and Lightning are the work of Thor. Loki (supposedly) causes Earthquakes. Once he breaks his binds and escapes, he’ll help usher in the end of the world. Mark your calendars (Dec. 20th?), Fimbulwinter is coming.

    2. A

      Here in China, lightning is the work of the Goddess, Dian Mu 電母. She’s the wife of the Thunder God, Lei Gong 雷公.

      She is said to have used flashing mirrors to send bolts of lightning across the sky …


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