Traffic Paralysis: A Soul-Crushing Jam In Shenyang

A storm just passed Beijing — the skies are now clearing up, I see a wisp of blue — and on that note, we’d like to show you what happens sometimes when it thunderstorms in this country. Attention: above. Yesterday in Shenyang, Liaoning province, a traffic jam stretching more than a kilometer was said to have formed because of a thunderstorm. (Correlation: unspecified.) The photos (more after jump) first appeared on, which makes no indication that the jam, like this one in Beijing on May 19, was caused by a busted traffic light. We don’t think even magic can help the poor drivers stuck in this urban bog. (H/T Alicia; photos also from NetEase.)

At least the skyline is pretty.

    4 Responses to “Traffic Paralysis: A Soul-Crushing Jam In Shenyang”

    1. King Baeksu

      Actually, it was hailing here in Shenyang yesterday late afternoon. Blame it all on flying balls of ice.

      Those pictures appear to be near Shenyang Train Station. Further north, in Beihang, the roads were so flooded even today that you’d need to hire an ayi to carry you across on her back.


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