Ukrainian Travel Agency Multipass’s Ad Is Kinda Racist, Very Dumb

Multipass is company that promotes travel to Asia, which means there’s a chance I’ll be seeing one of the above cretins here in Beijing. Oh, joy.

Lots of folks are calling this ad, called “See Asia Like Asians Do,” racist. Eh, I say. They have different standards for racism in Eastern Europe, as this year’s Euro in Ukraine and Poland has taught us, so shouldn’t we judge Multipass by its own standards?

I don’t know. But I do know that on the site Ads of the World, 99 people have voted on this, and it’s currently doing a 1.9 out of 10. So… racist? Probably, but what does that matter? It’s stupid, plain and simple. And that should be reason enough for them to fail miserably.

By the way, the fine print reads:

IDEA: Make people experience Asia like Asians do.

SOLUTION: We created outdoor campaign with titles, which can be read only if you screw your eyes in order to see the world as literally as Asians do.

Wow. That is really stupid. I’m “screwing my eyes,” and it doesn’t work! Maybe it’s because I have slanty chink eyes? Caucasian readers out there… help!

    5 Responses to “Ukrainian Travel Agency Multipass’s Ad Is Kinda Racist, Very Dumb”

    1. Dereck

      With the Financial crisis going on in Europe and other places, all these countries will have to rely on the Asian countries to boost their economy especially on Tourism and Investment… asians have the money and buying power that is for sure.

    2. Ellesar

      I hate this ad so much I cannot express it adequately. The photo’s are adding SO much insult to the already dreadful graphic.

    3. Mateusz

      Really… just… really? This has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a long time. Also, did no one point out how not all people in Asia have the same eye shape? It’d be like saying all Europeans have light skin, or all Americans are black.


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