What Does It Feel Like To Be Caught In A Sinkhole?

Picture via Hubei Daily

Two weeks ago, Alicia wondered what it would be like to fall through a sinkhole. We now have an answer, thanks to a man in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, who last Thursday had the misfortune of sitting in a minibus just before it was engulfed by a hole opened out of the earth’s stygian depths:

“I thought it was an earthquake. The ground suddenly disappeared from underneath and there was this tremendous crack and a rumbling,” the driver, who had managed to scramble to safety, told police.

So the answer to our question: earthquake.

    One Response to “What Does It Feel Like To Be Caught In A Sinkhole?”

    1. Jess

      It’s kind of impressive how the hole manages to vertically accommodate the van so well. You know, in a bad road kind of way…


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