A Possible Case Of Child Abuse Exposed – And Shared – On TV News

We saw a terribly abusive Asian mom not long ago, now here’s a “wolf dad.” In a video uploaded to Guangxi Station Information Channel on Youku yesterday, we see that recently at Chenggong Plaza in Kunming, Yunnan province, a man was filmed forcing his two young children to goose-step in public. We’re told he used a steel rod for intimidation. We never find out why the kids are forced to goose-step — apparently they did it “all day” — and we doubly don’t know why so many people passively watched this display of borderline child abuse.

The journalist tracks down the two kids — brother and sister — and interviews them. The little girl, who is 6, tells the journalist she “doesn’t know” how old she is, prompting an adult behind the camera to snicker like a dickhead. She also says her father doesn’t usually hit them — only when he’s drunk. The older boy, who is 12, leads the journalist to their house. The journalist reports the boy told her their mother left them three years ago, and he and his sister and father “depend on one another for survival.” They don’t attend school (presumably because they can’t afford to), but the father has bought them books so they can study at home.

It’s a terribly sad story, made worse, I think, when the journalist calls the cops after she is “unable” to reach the father (how hard did she try? one wonders). I’ve subtitled the YouTube video, so judge for yourself. Youku video (153,000 hits in 19 hours) for those in China after the jump.

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