And Now Here Is A Pet Llama That Loves Liu Xiang

You may think this an ordinary llama wearing heart-shaped sunglasses, but that’s where you’d be wrong. This is a llama that loves Liu Xiang, the hurdler. Also, it’s wearing heart-shaped sunglasses, but we may have already mentioned that.

As brought to our attention by Alicia, this llama isn’t at all afraid to show its Olympic allegiances:

That says “LIU XIANG: 100 percent win!” And here it is going out for a walk with this sign, attracting a crowd:

After a day’s work, it rests. Well, the owner does, anyway, though this llama obviously wants more play.

So here it is. More play. On an iPad.

And then it’s time for a walk again. Go Liu Xiang!

But can it do what this llama did, which is predict the result of sporting contests? We shall see.

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