Australian Man Complains About “Beijing Chicken Burger,” Deserves Unintentional Comedy Star

UPDATE: Per commenter Jess, I acknowledge the man is probably Australian the headline has been changed to reflect the man’s probable identity.

I don’t know why, but this made me laugh. Maybe it’s the extra-nasally way the man pronounces the J in Beijing. Maybe it’s because I feel like he’s ready to vomit the words “chicken burger,” such is his rising disdain. Maybe the title of the video itself – Crazy McDonalds employee sells Sloppy Beijing Burger. Or maybe it’s the idea of him turning off his camera, getting out of his car, and marching straight back into the McDonald’s to return the burger, like he said he would… or the thought that he just might not turn the camera off while he does this.

I don’t know. Maybe you’ll laugh as well.

Incidentally, Josh Ong of the Beijinger wrote about the Beijing chicken burger earlier today, and for whatever reason, our very own RFH’s first piece for this site was about a McDonald’s concoction called the Big n Beefy. There’s no joke here — or, amazingly, anywhere in this post. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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    1. The Tao

      Hey, let’s play a game. How would you phonetically spell the way the guy’s saying “Beijing chicken burger”?

      My best guess (said fast, of course):

      Bayyygeen cheekin buhrrrgeh


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