Females Duke It Out In Female Way, By Which We Mean With Hair-Grabbing

There really doesn’t seem to be a lot of pertinent info about the above video and the one after the jump, except that they both appeared on Youku very recently. You’ll just have to enjoy them devoid of context.

Above: Samsung employees in Tangshan, Hebei province fight a customer, or something.

And below: two schoolgirls scuffle in the playground while everyone watches. Kind of reminds me of this video of a swarm of middle school students beating up a chengguan. Kids these days: first they’ll date you out of contemporary society by inventing some abstruse technological necessity for daily life that only they understand, like a better Internet, and then they’ll go Clockwork Orange on you. Fear the future, people. Youku videos after the jump for those in China.

Playground fight:

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