Hangzhou Cop Gets His Man, Then Kicks Him When He’s Down And Defenseless

We’re told in this video’s title and on Weibo that an unarmed cop subdued a knife-wielding man in Ganchang Village in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province on Thursday, though this part apparently happens off-camera. But check out what happens afterwards. The suspect, clearly already beaten, is handcuffed on the ground when the cop kick him in the face and gut, so hard that he loses his breath. Police brutality, maybe?

I don’t mean the stuff of Rodney King, though I suspect you wouldn’t be totally off-base to make that comparison. It’s just that kicking a man when he’s already lost — and handcuffed — seems more than a little dishonorable.

Weibo comments are about what you’d expect (aren’t they always?). @亚通 says: “You’ve already caught him, no need to beat and scold.” @边执地的阿锋 says: “You have to act according to the law as well.” But @春言 objects: “Comment after comment, so benevolent and noble speaking about human rights. For this kind of knife-wielding, looting thief you still speak human rights, ha ha.”

What do you think, does honor exist in Ganchang Village, Hangzhou? Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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