Man Atop Cow Delivers Perfect Rendition Of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

BJC contributor Alicia found this just now, and it’s one of those stunning works of art that makes you want to hug the Internet. It’s a man atop a cow singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

The original video, titled “I am legendary, art dream,” is the only work that appears under Youku user w451119777’s page. Apparently it was published two months ago and viewed 1,830 times, a relatively small amount for such a heroic effort.

But just yesterday, “I am legendary” was collected in an album by Youku Citizen Journalist Channel, which has aggregated more than 60 various videos, some with tens of thousands of views. And that’s how Alicia found it: this piece was one of the promoted videos under the Youku menu “Citizen Journalist.” It’s finally destined to get the attention it deserves.

Or… maybe it won’t. Bieber is known around these parts, but he inspires nothing close to the amount of love and hate he does back home. But don’t let that hinder your enjoyment of this. It’s a man atop a cow singing Bieber. It’s more or less perfect, if you ask me.

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    1. 老外二

      brings back memories of so many anomalous things: Pianos in the middle of nowhere, opera singers on a small bus from Turpan to Kashgar, being invited to a Chinese wedding while walking down the street as the token 老外 in a village in 贵州, singing German oompahpah in Qingdao pijiucheng with the Chinese Olympic team。。。

      Rock on, Man sitting on a Cow

    2. Patricia

      A man on a cow singing Justin Bieber. This is so perfect it leaves me bereft of words unable to portray the overwhelming serenity I find in this video. It’s as if the world has been righted a little on it’s axis and in these crazy times, every bit helps.


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