NCPA Sez: The 18th National Congress Of The CPC Is On Like Donkey Kong

Original picture from Global Times


Reuters’s anonymous sources (reliable, surely) may tell us that the upcoming 18th Party Congress – aka Xi Jingping’s coronation – will be delayed, but our reading of the tea leaves yields a different conclusion.

If you can’t afford to visit North Korea this summer (where a long weekend with a tour group can cost a couple-thousand euro), head to the National Center for the Performing Arts next weekend, where officials have timed a show for their five-year-annual meeting, suggesting the CCP fully plans to proceed on the originally scheduled dates. The four-day musical extravaganza is titled Singing Towards the Sun: Party Flag Flying High Concert Series, featuring shows such as Hymn Dedicated to the Great CPC and The CPC, Dear Mother.

There’s no party like a Party, if you know what we mean. (We mean there’s a lot of mom-lovin’, Oedipus-style.) If there’s going to be a delay to the 18th National Congress, the NCPA doesn’t want to know about it. Who could, after all, miss “Sing a Folk Song to the CPC’ on July 12, or “Singing Towards the Sun” on July 14?

The playlist includes:

Harmonious Big Family
I Fall in Love with China
I Love Motherland Most
My Motherland and Me
Blessing for Motherland
The Feelings for Common People
I Love You, China
My Motherland
Brighter Flag
The Happiest Feeling for Serving People
Motherland and I
Do You Remember Parents’ Birthdays
Under the Same Sun

Freud would consider himself in heaven if he saw that lineup. And if your flaneur should threaten to flag after all that harmonizing on mom-time, be sure to keep handy a copy of this People’s Daily article. It’s a confident, jolly editorial about China’s “brilliance and shining success” – which rightly observes that China’s system is “far superior to a ‘personal presidential system.‘” Indeed, it is not only “fully democratic,” but “more democratic, more coordinative and more efficient” than that of certain other (unnamed) nations. No wonder cadres get “The Happiest Feeling for Serving People.”

Don’t forget to bring your mother to the show with your work unit tickets. And show her some love afterwards. In bed.

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      • E

        Speaking of ethnic minorities and singing patriotic songs were almost 4 years out from seeing all those (carefully chosen only from Beijing) “ethnic minority” children bringing the flag into the stadium during the Olympic opening ceremony. Hopefully if they have kids this year they’ll actually have them sing for real this time….

        If I remember correctly Henry Kissinger’s little man Joshua Cooper Ramo loved this moment. Here’s the the 18th Congress doing him one better.


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