The Miracle Of Life, China Edition: Guangzhou Woman Gives Birth On Street

I remember watching NOVA‘s “The Miracle of Life” in biology class. It was during sixth period, right after lunch, and I was a freshman in high school. When the baby popped out — that’s how I remember it, popping out, plopping onto the floor or some plastic basin (I stopped paying attention after it popped out, honestly) — I was ready to throw up. Before a certain age, no one should ever be made to watch a scraggly, bloody ball of tears and uterine slime be pushed through a sex organ attached to a screaming, bewildered human being. It’s unnatural. The only miraculous thing about it is that the female psyche blocks out the pain so thoroughly that women are willing to repeat the experience (I had a teacher in middle school tell this to our class; if you had to guess, you would say I went to public school in Kansas, right?).

Anyway, here’s a woman who just finished giving birth on a street in Guangzhou yesterday. The baby’s fine. I can’t assume the same about the person who filmed this. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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