The Rain Last Night Brought People Together, Too [UPDATE]

We’ll be learning, very soon, about the damages caused by the biggest torrential downpour Beijing has seen in several decades. There will be time to sift through the fallout and figure out how we pick up the pieces, i.e. drain and dry the whole damn city and find some of the many vehicles that were washed away in the storm. (By the way, today is another reason I’m glad I don’t own a car in this city.) But for now, let’s focus on the more lighthearted scenes from yesterday: fans having a good time at a Guo’an game; a foreigner delighting onlookers by swimming in the street; a party at Shuangjing, amid traffic.

And the above, posted by Natalie Litofsky — the video description: “Chaoyang District, Beijing. Police car had some trouble driving up my street after the storms, so some helpful (read: drunk) citizens helped them push it through the river.” Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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