Woman On Subway Literally Too Hot For Her Shirt

In Shenzhen on Tuesday, a woman got into a verbal confrontation with a warden inside a subway station. The woman was wearing just a bra, no shirt. The warden was telling her she was being indecent. The “discussion” proceeded in such a way as to attract someone nearby to begin filming. This is what happened on tape:

Warden: “If you feel it’s hot, we can turn up the air conditioner.”

Woman: “I won’t talk about it with you. I’m wearing clothes now.”


Woman: “I’m hot now. I’m already 39 degrees (Celsius). You still want me to wear clothes? Look at my sweat! You don’t have sweat.”

Warden: “If you feel like our air conditioner isn’t high enough, we can lower the temperature.”

Woman: “Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on!”

Break. Then they get on the subway train, and we don’t hear what is said. Which is too bad. The discussion was really going somewhere, I think.

Youku video for those in China after the jump.

(H/T Alicia)

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