You Know It’s No Longer Simple Road Rage Once The Machete Comes Out

Remember the advice that Nanjing motorist — who, even after suffering a split lip at the hands of a bully on the road, refused to fight back – gave last week? About the importance of keeping your cool, especially during “summertime,” and how “a gentleman uses his mouth, not his fist”? There were some people in Tangshan, Hebei province recently who heeded none of it.

As reported by Jiangxi TV’s Morning New Horizons show on Monday, a dispute arose after two cars bumped into one another while making a turn. A man got out and beat a woman bloody. That woman then called on some friends, who began chasing the man — at the beginning of this video, you see him scurrying into his car. The bloodied woman then smashes his window with a brick, and her friend, wielding a machete, appears to attempt to stab the man multiple times.

“Say, shouldn’t traffic accidents be reported to traffic cops?” muses the news anchor at the end. “Acting violently will only result in more mistakes.” Youku video for those in China after the jump.