Good Samaritan Asks Someone To Film Him Helping Fallen Elderly

This is one of those stories that are a mark of contemporary China, or result of. Recently in Shanghai, an old man fainted and fell. Instead of helping him, people stood around and watched (for him to do what, exactly?), and one man, surnamed Liu, took out his phone and began filming. (Again, what for?)

But behold, one brave soul steps out of the crowd and offers to assist. While those around him can be heard saying, “Don’t touch him,” the young man merely asks the guy holding the camera phone to continue filming, in case he gets sued or wrongly accused.

He adjusts the unconscious elder’s head so he can breathe normally, then digs out the old man’s cell phone to contact family members. When the ambulance arrives 10 minutes later, the young man nonchalantly disappears with the crowd.

“When the young man saw me filming, he came over and said, ‘Help me film this process,’” Liu said.

So… a camera phone saved a life? No, of course. A young man tried to — despite society’s best efforts to prevent him from doing so. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

(H/T Alicia)

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