The Strangest Olympics-Related Video You’ll See Today Features Boobs

The Guardian continues to win its coverage of the Olympics. You might remember they were right on top of the Ye Shiwen story, and what can you say about their Lego reenactments of Olympic moments except bravo, good sirs.

Now there’s this. If you’re offended by seeing boobs or the sight of men suppressing female protestors, I recommend not clicking. Otherwise, be sure to at least let yourself enjoy the look of utter bewilderment on the faces of those flummoxed constables.

(H/T Dray)

    2 Responses to “The Strangest Olympics-Related Video You’ll See Today Features Boobs”

    1. Danny

      What in heavens are they saying?

      Kill the generation?
      He shuns the rations?
      Be situations?
      Heal the Russians?
      Hard woman at hand, I fight for women to run the wall down WEE AAHH NOT FREE


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