Just A Woman With Her Python At A Public Beach

Last Thursday at Dalian’s South Tunzi Beach, a woman caught everyone’s attention with her four-meter-long python, the literal kind. Apparently snakes enjoy a good swim every once in a while. Those who weren’t too terrified of the creature happily surrounded the woman to take pictures and ask questions.

This story appears to have first been publicized on Sina Weibo by @大连曲国胜 before spreading to traditional media. Global Times reported yesterday via Peninsula Morning News:

“According to the owner, she has had the python for 11 years, and she feeds it raw meat,” added Qu [Guosheng, a resident]. “But she didn’t mention what species the python was.”

This is not the only report of a Chinese person keeping a huge snake as a pet. In late July, a man was reported to have brought a large reptile to a public park. The pet was said to be a very rare species of Burmese python that can grow up to seven meters long.

More images after the jump.

(H/T Alicia, RFH)

    2 Responses to “Just A Woman With Her Python At A Public Beach”

    1. wafflestomp

      Snakes don’t give a fuck if you’re the owner. Forget to feed them for a few days and they’ll gladly fucking eat you, like any other predatory animal. Luckily there are very few Chinese retarded enough to own such a snake.

    2. LilRose

      A real beaut! Now that’s a snake! Let’s the Guiyang Lady boy mess with these type of big snakes! (Looks like an Indian python) me I’d be daring to hold one of these big boys I love reptiles


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