Neil Bush On Sina Weibo: “I’m Thinking Of Joining The CCP. What Do You Think Of My Accessories?”

Neil Bush isn’t nearly the public figure that two of his siblings, Jeb and George Walker, are, but as a businessman and philanthropist and son and brother of former U.S. presidents, he’s made the news cycle a few times in his days. (Possibly most notably — and unfortunately — for a high-profile divorce in which he admitted to consorting with hookers in Thailand and Hong Kong; he may or may not have contracted herpes from one of them.)

Here he is, on Sina Weibo, in a picture posted at 9:02 am to his 124,351 followers and which, four hours and 26 minutes later, has been forwarded 2,451 times and has 1,294 comments:

I’m thinking of joining the CCP. What do you think of my accessories? 我正在考虑加入中国共产党。你觉得我的装备怎么样?[嘻嘻]

No comment from us. I’ve randomly translated some Weibo comments though, and they’re what you might expect: the whole gamut of serious and frivolous, in on the joke and totally not. Perhaps most interestingly, several netizens have used Bush’s winsome — though probably misguided — picture to express displeasure with their own government (the last comment puts it most pithily, I think). Also, because this is Chinese Internet, there were emoticons.

@作家天佑–: Your bag isn’t big enough, after joining the Party you won’t be able to wangle much money.

@张晨琛director: Do you know how to wine, dine, whore and gamble? Defraud, deceive, swindle, abduct? No? And you still want to join the party?

@丛日云: Silly laowai [foreigner], you’re more suited to join the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, abbreviated “Nazi Party.”

@龙控吴亚东: Capitalist roader infiltrating revolutionaries’ inner circle?

@袁莉wsj: So many capitalists want to join the Party, you’re not the only one, reckon you have to line up, also withstand examination.

@宝宝huiny: Too cute

@江小鱼2003: Want to join Party, such wishful thinking. 1. Must memorize Mao Zedong’s quotations; 2. Get Chinese nationality; 3. Pay 100 million USD fee. p.s.: in case you become president, remember to change China into a visa-exempt destination.

@@丛岩Kevin: Missing the Little Red Book

@蓝容若: Buy insurance…

@静持大师: Know how to write a thought report?


@Lian折纸: Who is this…

And in English:

@神经它病了: Clean your ass

@手指那天边的大海: you can be the secret agent for CCP and please contact San Mao.

@windycity623: retarded developmental disability[弱]

@小鱼儿幻镜: Oh, my god……[吃惊][g头晕]You are brave……

@程小胖的家: chinese people don’t like ccp, it is not a good joke.

OK, we have one comment. Bush should have worn this shirt:

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    1. Justin MItchell

      It’s not just hookers ‘n’ herpes for that douche. Google Silverado Savings and Loan scandal and his name and you’ll get an eyeful of corruption.


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