The Official Red Dawn Trailer Is Here, And It Features A Grammatical Mistake Within The First Eight Seconds

I can’t wait for Chinese people to overreact to this shitty movie full of Hollywood cliches about “freedom” and for everyone else to talk about it like it isn’t a classic piece of Western propaganda.

What’s that? The invaders in the movie are North Koreans, not Chinese? Every soldier I see better look skinny and malnourished then, because I’ve been to Pyongyang, and that military is far from invading anyone.

I wonder how many Americans who watch this will find the irony in a bunch of civilians fighting for their turf against an invading military. Is it just me, or did I hear, “For them, this is just some desert. For us, this is our home”?

I’ve already spent way too many words on this shitty film. The grammatical mistake, by the way, is everyday and every day confusion (“Everyday we go about our lives”), which is common, but for a big-time Hollywood studio is… well, they made and are distributing Red Dawn, so I suppose we can’t expect all the bolts and screws to be in place. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

    5 Responses to “The Official Red Dawn Trailer Is Here, And It Features A Grammatical Mistake Within The First Eight Seconds”

    1. Lu Xiansheng

      Best comment from the youku version:


      “What the hell, changing to North Korean bangzi? They should just show the mighty Chinese white rabbit invading the small American sheep.”

    2. Kai

      To be honest, I’d probably watch it if it appears on PPStream, at least until it becomes too awful to continue watching. The trailer looks okay though of course trailers can be deceiving. Still, if the trailer is reasonably representative of the overall movie, it’s just another movie that requires some suspension of disbelief and generally tugs at various emotional heartstrings.

      I’m curious if certain Americans will walk away from this movie thinking a wee bit more poignantly about certain Middle Eastern insurgencies though. Probably not. The irony would be lost on them.


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