Now We Know Full Well The Dangers Of Rear-Ending A Car

There really isn’t any info about this video except the timestamp in the dashboard cam (September 1, around noon), and the car that flips over appears to be a Honda. The video (embedded after the jump, and in higher quality than the YouTube embed) delights in that fact. “Tailgating Japanese car causes rollover accident,” reads the title. If that was a Chinese-manufactured car, say a BYD, it totally wouldn’t have flipped, or exploded.

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    1. Wheel Nut

      The brake lights of the Honda don’t light up. The driver wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of him and had no idea they were about to hit anything, until he had already hit it.

      The front driver side tire of the Honda pushed against the rear passenger side tire of the Toyota(?). The two wheels are rotating in the same direction so when the rubber contacted the Honda got a “boost” upwards and to the right resulting in a failure to keep the shiny side of the car facing skyward.

      Open wheel racing is particularly dangerous for this reason. Tire to tire contact means things get really interesting really fast.


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