Elevator Outage Forces Old Couple To Do Things No Old Couple Should Ever Have To

An elevator motherboard failure in a high-rise apartment in Anshan, Liaoning province has forced residents of Building 8, Unit 1 to find alternative ways to go home. Sure, some people just climb the 18 flights of stairs, but what if you’re old and don’t have the knees for that kind of daily workout?

Pictured above, an elderly couple, both in their 70s, have resorted to climbing over a 1.5-meter-high parapet so that they can use the neighboring building’s elevator. Septuagenarians should never have to climb, much less crawl over a slab of concrete on the roof of a building just so they don’t rot inside their aerie prison.

“The wall is too high, we’re old, we have no choice but to help each other go over,” a resident said. “But it beats than climbing more than a dozen sets of steps.”

The elevator has been broken for 17 days, as of yesterday.

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