Here’s NMA’s Wanking Video That Cathay Pacific Convinced YouTube To Remove

As any healthy male knows, the desire to masturbate on an airplane can be OVERWHELMING. Yet who among us is willing to take matters into his own hands? I’ll tell you: Cathay Pacific business travelers, that’s who.

On September 17, Next Media Animation in Taiwan got a tip that passengers on Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific flights were, if not exactly encouraged to, allowed to join their own one-man Mile High clubs. The resulting video, in classic NMA style, was withering and funny.

Cathay Pacific, however, was not amused. As NMA tells it in a post on Wednesday:

Cathay wanted the video taken down. At first, Cathay sent a letter to NMA demanding the video be removed.

When we refused, Cathay complained to YouTube that the video had violated “community standards” and decency. YouTube took no action.

Finally, Cathay turned to law firm Simmons & Simmons for help.

A lawyer for Simmons and Simmons claims our video violates Cathay Pacific’s “copyright” and has successfully petitioned YouTube to remove the video under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Ah, but that’s where Cathay miscalculated. Because what was a lighthearted and amusing clip is now a cause celebre for censorship and corporate cluelessness.

And hey, look! The video is back up! NMA, 1; Simmons & Simmons, 0; Cathay, DNQ.

Alas, we’d hate to rub Cathay the wrong way, but being staunch advocates for the death of censorship, we’re attempting to put the NMA video on Youku. If it doesn’t get censored, you’ll find it below, soon.

(H/T MIC Gadget via Alicia)

    2 Responses to “Here’s NMA’s Wanking Video That Cathay Pacific Convinced YouTube To Remove”

    1. Jess

      …ehhh, probably borderline defamation, masquerading as news, hiding under the guise of free speech. I can’t really support NMA’s right to seemingly fabricate stories with no journalistic standards whilst pretending to be a champion of anti-censorship practices. What is this a parody of, again?


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