Laowai Comics: The Ideal English-Teaching Candidate

Ed’s note: Today marks the BJC premiere of the webcomic Laowai Comics. We’ll be debuting LC’s Thursday cartoon every week at around this time, always after the jump. You’ll also find a link to LC’s Monday cartoon at the bottom of the post. Needless to say, we’re incredibly happy and excited to have this talented artist onboard. We highly recommend you check out his archives.

And in case you’re wondering, our other resident artist, Torval Lokison, had this week off, but he’ll be back next Tuesday with another edition of Acid Dumplings.

[Monday's Comic]

    8 Responses to “Laowai Comics: The Ideal English-Teaching Candidate”

      • cliché moi l'sac

        What do you mean? I don’t think you understood the joke there…

        The goal is not to imply that all ESL teachers are drunken Westerners, which is indeed a dumb cliche, but to point out the irony of not hiring a well-dressed, professional-looking African person because “kids are scared” but then hiring very low-standard, scarier Caucasians. No?

        • and the public toilets are really smelly....

          wow… really?

          That’s deep. I never thought of it that way, totally not a cliche! You got me, I was wrong, I really missed that incredibly complex joke, now that you have spelled it out in baby language I can see that this cartoon is, indeed, witty and fresh beyond belief!

      • Wade

        Really? What’s the point of this comment? Do you offer anything to the discussion here, or do you just want to impress us with this empty critique?

        “Wow, this commenter is so wise on Beijing Cream, he called a comic CLICHE!”

        “Whoah, we totally never heard that one before.”

        Really, don’t you have anything better to be doing?

    1. Badumtss

      What a clever cartoon. I especially like the juxtaposition of overdone social commentary and kid-like artistic quality. Very clever indeed. Looking forward to next week. Hope the quality won’t dwindle.

    2. Wade

      Good for a quick chuckle.

      Go to the author’s site and flip through the comics there, some real funny stuff.