Thousands Form Greeting Party To Meet And Beat Arrested Murder Suspect

China is an interesting place.

On Sunday in Ningguo, Anhui province, a thief slit the throat of a female high school student in broad daylight, killing her, and then stabbed another woman. The city immediately set up a task force of more than 100 people to investigate. Three hours after the crimes, they identified their suspect, and yesterday arrested him in Hangzhou in neighboring Zhejiang province.

But the thing about using so many investigators is, they’ll all talk about the case, and then the people they tell will tell their friends, etc. So on the day that the thief was brought back to the Ningguo police station at about 4:30 pm, thousands of people were there to greet him, as in an ancient Roman victory processional. A red banner was strung up outside the police station’s gate that read, “10.7 Intentional homicide case success” (plus a final character I can’t make out). Update, see TB’s comment.

Cops smuggled the thief out of the car while dozens of other officers tried to hold the crowd back. Remember how there are thousands in the crowd though? Some poke through and attack the suspect, while others throw debris at him while he’s led to his Tullianum. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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    1. Nick

      Why did the police stop the car so far from the building? they could of driven all the way up then blocked off the crowd before he got out the car

    2. TB

      The last character on the banner is likely 破 (po4), most commonly meaning “broken.” When it follows 告, the meaning is “to crack,” as in to crack a case.

      You’ll frequently see 告破 after 案 or, as on this banner, 案件, meaning legal case.

      So, here the case was successfully cracked 案件成功告破. No trial needed!


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