Video: Chinese Fisherman Killed By South Korean Coast Guard In Yellow Sea

The death of a Chinese fisherman in South Korean waters in the Yellow Sea has raised “strong dissatisfaction” in Beijing. On Tuesday, a raid of two fishing ships resulted in a fisherman reportedly getting fatally wounded by a rubber bullet. According to AFP:

The 44-year-old was declared dead around 6pm (0900 GMT), hours after he was rushed by helicopter to a hospital in the southwestern port of Mokpo, a coast guard spokesman told AFP.

“We believe a rubber bullet hit his chest during a raid by coast guard commandos to stop illegal fishing,” he said.

Some 30 Chinese boats were illegally fishing in South Korean waters near Hongdo island when a 3,000-tonne coast guard ship launched the operation, he said.

“Coast guard officers used rubber bullets to control the Chinese sailors who brandished knives and other deadly weapons,” the spokesman said, adding two boats with an unknown number of crew were seized.

The embedded video, which was screened and broadcast by Chinese news, won’t reveal much, but it does give one an idea of the chaos that preceded (we think preceded, anyway) the deadly shot. Chinese authorities have asked South Korea, in the strongest terms, to investigate the matter.

    2 Responses to “Video: Chinese Fisherman Killed By South Korean Coast Guard In Yellow Sea”

    1. bert

      These guys will be getting more arrogant since they think the gov’t will stand behind them no matter where they go. Koreans aren’t Japanese, they won’t take as much sh*t from the Chinese.

    2. bert

      Interesting thing I heard about the North Korean fishing territory is that it is controlled by a Chinese guy. That’s why there are less reported incidents between N. Korea and China.


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