Acid Dumplings [37]

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    1. Otto Mattick

      Not a comment, but a question:

      What is the significance of the “Four-of-Clubs” card in the hand of the clearly nervous geezer standing on the ladder propped against the Great Hall of the People? I regret I do not have the knowledge of Mandarin to see what must be a homophone or other coded reference.

      • Pyrrhic Victor

        Well, “four” in Chinese is “Si”. Chinese tend to have a superstition about it because it is a homophone for “Death”. Maybe it’s something to do with that. Does the “club” symbol stand for anything?

        • Otto Mattick

          I do not know if this is a sensible serendipity, but my wife, who is Japanese, just asked me what it was all about and, as with many Japanese, she substituted an “r” for the “l” in “club,” which yielded a sound not unlike the word “crab.” Of course this could easily be taken as shorthand for “river crab,” and thus the Party of the Harmonizers, as it were, which in this context, makes perfect sense.

          I realize this is all a bit off the wall, but it does work, for all of that.


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