Are You Good At Drawing Dicks? We’d Like Your Help

Inspired by the Facebook page “Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun” — not safe for work, no siree — we at Beijing Cream have decided that dicks MUST be drawn on pictures culled from Chinese media. A purple-headed soldier poking out of a wok in a story about slow food? Yup. Winking kielbasa substituted for a microphone held by a journalist asking a serious question? Do it. Bag of dicks sprouting out of a gaudy fountain on the edge of a construction site as migrant workers clear the rubble? You get the idea. We’ll get you started: the above is via ifeng.

If you think you’re as good at drawing dicks as our resident artist, Lola B, we want to hear from you. Email or tweet us your contribution. The only requirement is that the picture come from Chinese media, and that the dick is drawn, either by hand or digitally; no photoshop, please (and no, we’re not interested in your penis; sorry).

Again, let this NSFW Facebook page be your guide. We’ll post as many of these as we can every Friday afternoon.

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