Eagle Snatches Prey Off Handlebar Of Man’s Bike

We learn yet again that eagles possess the uncanny ability to terrify. In the above video, a man is taking his small pet bird out for a stroll — you can see the little guy near the end – when an eagle swoops in and grabs the bird off the man’s bicycle handlebar. In case you missed it, the video replays several times.

It reminds us of a story in August about two villagers who stole eggs in front of an eagle mom, only to face her undying wrath for two years. Don’t fuck with eagles. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

    One Response to “Eagle Snatches Prey Off Handlebar Of Man’s Bike”

    1. masomenos

      Probably not an eagle – too small.

      But maybe a Northern Goshawk. “A hawk of woodlands…Preys largely on pigeons, but can take mammals as large a hares”
      (A Field Guide to Birds of China)


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