“Guy Tais” Are A Thing: Watch This Piece About Househusbands In Shanghai

Devin Silloway, who says he coined the term “guy tai” on the front page of China Daily 10 years ago, has just been featured by Reuters TV’s Decoder as the poster boy for a purportedly growing trend of stay-at-home expat dads in China. Guy tai, of course, plays off the term tai tai, which That’s magazine editor Ned Kelly describes as “ladies at lunch… you know, the good life.”

Silloway and friends — there’s a website devoted to their community, of course — seem to have no reservations about being men living this good life, despite stories that say the househusband trend hasn’t caught on among locals. For what it’s worth, Silloway seems like a personable, all-around good guy. “But what really gave me the willies,” he said in a That’s Shanghai feature in March, “was when I sensed that a few moms felt that, as the lone wolf, I was flirting with them. It’s not a feeling one can explain, but I’m an expat kid so all I know in life is ‘people,’ and I know that vibe when I feel it. And since flirting with them was the opposite of being gay, it became ultimately laughable to me because – thank you – my wife is smokin’ hot!”

He was also just featured by People’s Daily, et al. You’ll be hearing more about him very soon. Check out his articles on Shanghai Family. UPDATE, 3:42 pm: Here’s a drunk Ned Kelly, with company, talking to Devin Silloway in a 2011 podcast. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

(H/T Alicia)

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