Mario Balotelli Gets Genghis Khan Quote Tattooed On His Chest

Mario Balotelli, the mercurial 22-year-old Manchester City striker, celebrated his first English Premier League goal of the season on Wednesday by getting a tattoo. (Note: tattoo may not be connected in any way with said goal.) And of course he went the half-Asian route, getting a tattoo of a (highly apocryphal but widely attributed) Genghis Khan quote, in English, on his chest:

I am the punishment of God / If you have not committed great Sins / God would not have sent / A punishment like me upon you.

Balotelli, who is not by any means one of our favorite players, is nonetheless interesting because he’s just so goddamn insouciant. About everything, I mean. He does not give one pennylick about your opinion of him, which is good, because you probably think he’s a huge dick. Or asshole. As a result of his not caring, he does things. He does a lot of things, and we can’t help but chuckle.

(H/T Alicia)

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