We Found A Gangnam Parody That Isn’t Terrible: Zhangjiajie Style

I know you’re going to hate me for this, but throw back a drink of choice and let yourself enjoy this. It succeeds where other Gangnam parodies fail: by sticking to the basics. It doesn’t rewrite any lyrics. Doesn’t invent dance steps. It just says to PSY by way of tribute: you think you’re zany with your horses and K-pop stars? We’re going to give you cross-dressing chefs, ridiculous costumes, and the Na’vi. Meanwhile, everyone slowly loses their mind. Take it or leave it.

You’ll like this better when you realize it was directed by 58-year-old Zheng Yaping, the deputy director of the Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau. Why is he only a deputy director? Give that man a promotion!

Oh, and there’s a bull at the end. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

    5 Responses to “We Found A Gangnam Parody That Isn’t Terrible: Zhangjiajie Style”

    1. Amanda R.

      OK, I expected that to suck, but it was hilarious. Who hasn’t been to every location in this video if you’ve been to Zhangjiajie? The local ethnic costumes are a nice touch. And at 1:00 in, I died laughing and the office all looked at me like “wha?!?” Thanks for sharing!


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