Beijing Woman Blows Up, Basically [Video]


Shocking surveillance footage, recently released, shows a woman basically exploding because she happened to stand next to a sewage drain during an underground explosion. The incident happened on November 30 outside the east gate of Chaoyang District’s Taiyanggong State Fair. 

According to Beijing Morning Post, residential property staff said the cause was a buildup of biogas, perhaps methane, from septic tanks stationed nearby.

The injured woman, just 24 years old, was rushed to Jishuitan Hospital. Her face was seriously damaged, and the family paid 70,000 yuan upfront.

The Youku video description tells us that more than 100,000 yuan is needed to finish all the surgery required to repair the damage, money that the family does not have.

    9 Responses to “Beijing Woman Blows Up, Basically [Video]”

    1. Amanda R.

      Wow, that is a frightening video. What always surprises me about these videos, though, is how they happen to always be in the right place at the right time. In China, cameras are *everywhere* and we are always being watched.

      • lol

        Are you serious? Surely you’re not in Beijing… there’s hardly any compared to other major cities. I’d say there’s a lack of cameras.

        • terroir

          You are replying to a story about a video that somehow manages to be at the right time and right place to capture an extremely rare event. In Beijing.

          Yes. If only we had the proof right in front of our own eyes. Maybe….

    2. James

      People who dump hot coals down the sewer getting a lesson as to why not to do that. Of course, the lesson will be lost as everyone ignores the fact that some nong was dumping coals down the sewer.


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